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2014 Orlando City Kit and New Player Reveal

2014 Orlando City kit reveal 2/1/2014 at Wall Street Plaza-Downtown Orlando, FL.  (Photo by Penalty Kick)

Today, Orlando City unveiled their final USL Pro kit that they will use for all of 2014 at a well-attended ceremony in Downtown Orlando at Wall Street Plaza. The roster is still a little thin for presentation purposes but Yordany Alvarez was a total rock-star in his welcome back appearance. Carl Woszczynski, Joseph Toby and Austin da Luz also made their first appearances as City heroes. Check the gallery below and on the Orlando City website for full coverage of the event.

Season’s Greetings, 2013 wrap up… (so far)

Hi everyone, it’s been a few weeks since I have felt compelled to update this rambunctious source of Orlando City SC news. There hasn’t been too much going on since the award of MLS21 to our City Beautiful. Finally, the team has time to catch a breath over the holidays before the sprint to win another USL Pro championship AND ramp up their efforts for our city to take the MLS by storm.

Updated! New Orlando City Crest (Fan Art)

I was feeling a little artsy last week and wanted to play with a new crest design for Orlando City as they enter MLS in 2015. Obviously, I am compelled to say this is strictly fan art and as such, I am retaining ownership of the compiled elements arranged in this particular order. Even if you use different fonts and a different lion and different stripes and color scheme its all my layout. Savvy? Good, Read on then…

If Orlando City decide they like this layout, I will grant them permission to use this as inspiration to move forward with creating a new crest that we can all be proud of. Hopefully they will toss me some tickets or three if they dig it.

The lion (from a Red Lion pub sign in London) and current Orlando City lettering were lifted from online images and of course the creators of those elements retain complete ownership of those assets…and so on…

As loyal readers of this humble blog, I challenge you to get your own work out there. If anyone is interested, please send me a message via Facebook or Twitter and I will post your submissions (under mine of course) but in order of them being received. I ask that you send legitimate submissions and not simply parody-but really funny entries will get posted for entertainment’s sake. Maybe this will kickstart some ideas for the club so we don’t have to rely on Adidas or any other corporate overlord to establish our identity. I will do my best to get them before the Orlando City team in charge of branding. Hopefully we have enough skill among our readers to provide them useful feedback on the types of crest that best represents the supporters.

Try to use the proper team colors (I grabbed mine off the current crest), set your resolution high enough so that it doesn’t pixellate when it gets presented on large monitors and put some actual effort into it for the best results. Good Luck, and I hope more people than me participate!

Orlando City crest-strictly fan art...

2015 Orlando City Crest? – strictly fan art at this point…Daniel Britt for Penalty Kick


Friend of Penalty Kick, Robert Hahn pulled this together

Friend of Penalty Kick, Robert Hahn pulled this together